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Many people lack understanding and guidance on the importance of planning for aging, leaving them overwhelmed, unsure where to start and unaware of the risks. Applegate & Dillman Elder Law has joined Partners in Aging to bridge this gap. Together with other Partner in Aging providers, we educate and connect retirees to the resources they need as they age.

Our Partners are Experts in their Field

We partner with financial, healthcare, real estate and tax professionals who understand the importance of  comprehensive planning. If you're looking for help with financial planning, third-party fiduciaries, downsizing, navigating long-term care, and more, we can connect you to the resources you need.


Professional Fiduciaries

A fiduciary is legally and ethically required to act in someone’s best interests, using legal concepts such as trusteeship, power of attorney, guardian, and executor. Whether you wish to relieve your children of administering your estate, need help for a family member who’s unable to manage their own finances and medical needs, or similar situations you may not be comfortable handling on your own, a professional fiduciary like may be helpful.


Downsizing Services

At every stage of life, people want to live comfortably and safely. Aging brings a variety of unique challenges and unexpected transitions. When you need professional expertise with age-related housing decisions, which might include anything from downsizing your own home to helping Mom make the transition from homeowner to assisted living, to finding the right type of housing for the foreseeable future, Partners in Aging professionals have the knowledge and resources to help you. 


Elder Law Mediation

As your loved ones navigate the aging process, effective communication and problem-solving may pose certain challenges. However, valuable avenues, such as Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution, are available to assist in overcoming these obstacles. These methods encourage parties to engage in constructive dialogues, fostering an environment that promotes mutually satisfactory outcomes. Partners in Aging is dedicated to providing invaluable support to you and your family, facilitating essential conversations that ensure your aging loved ones receive the care they deserve and retain the agency to make choices that align with their comfort. 


Financial Planning

Planning for financial stability after retirement can seem daunting. Our team has the experience to provide insightful and reasonable tools to stay on top of your finances during this new time in your life. We are also able to work with you, as the loved one of an aging family member, to ensure that their financial plans are in order.

Aging is complicated, we make it easier to navigate.

Partners in Aging was created to simplify the process of planning for aging. As a part of this network, Applegate & Dillman Elder Law works with a team of experienced professionals who focus on different areas associated with aging, like financial planning, downsizing and relocating, third-party fiduciary services and more. We work collaboratively with our partners to ensure your needs are handled as expertly and efficiently as possible.

Aging is complicated, we make it easier to navigate.

Whether you’re facing challenges personally or looking after a loved one, we’ll connect you to professionals who help you develop a comprehensive approach to aging. Your situation may be new to you, but these experts have been there, and can help you avoid mistakes and missteps as you make all those important decisions.

Partners in Aging addresses the key aspects of aging. If you're looking for help from one of our trusted partners, contact us today!

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