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Life Care Planning

Caring for a loved one takes time and emotional energy, often leaving caregivers feeling overwhelmed. At Applegate & Dillman Elder Law, our Life Care Planning service takes the weight of aging off a family’s shoulders. We help navigate the medical, legal and financial challenges of growing older and create a personalized roadmap for aging that adapts as health and financial needs change through end of life. With a holistic plan in place, families have peace of mind, less stress and more quality time with loved ones.

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The Pillars Of Life Care Planning

Applegate & Dillman Elder Law's three pillars are the foundation of our Life Care Planning service. These pillars distinguish us from other Elder Law firms in the state and across the country.


Legal Services

Aging is fluid, ever-changing, and as circumstances evolve, we are able to create a plan that enables our clients to have the best quality of life possible.


Care Coordination

Our Elder Care Coordinators are experienced in healthcare, giving them the skills needed to assist our clients in accessing, maintaining and affording quality care, whether that be at home or in a community. They serve as the eyes, ears and voices that advocate on our clients' behalf.


Asset Preservation

Our knowledgeable staff members work diligently to protect the assets our clients have earned over the course of their lifetimes. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we design the strategy to fit our client.

What Does an Elder Care Coordinator Do?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Life Care Planning

What does Life Care Planning include?

Life Care Planning is a comprehensive service that includes Medicaid planning, estate planning, and ongoing care coordination. Our team is on retainer and available 24/7 to provide assistance to Life Care Planning clients. In addition, our team conducts annual health evaluations for our clients so that we can make any necessary changes to their plan.

Life Care Planning does not, however, include probate services, litigation services, or guardianship. While these services may be added on a case-by-case basis, the goal of Life Care Planning is to avoid needing these services.

Do you have healthcare professionals on staff to conduct evaluations?

As one of the only Life Care Planning firms in the state of Indiana, we have nurses on our team that assist in care coordination for our families and act as a "concierge" service to our Life Care Planning clients. Because of this experience in care, we are able to create comprehensive life care plans for families that take into consideration the legal, financial, and healthcare needs of clients and support them from the moment of retention until death.

What does an Elder Care Coordinator do?

Elder Care Coordinators also advocates for families and attend doctor's appointments, care plan meetings, provide healthcare evaluations, and more. The burden and stress is removed from adult children and caregivers so that they can focus on being with family. Our team does all of the heavy lifting.

What are the benefits of Life Care Planning?

Life Care Planning involves a number of benefits to the client as well as their families. Clients will have access to a team of professionals experienced in a variety of legal and healthcare matters who can help them navigate the often complex continuum of care. This provides clients with the ability to decide how they want to age, providing peace of mind for them and their family. Moreover, Life Care Planning reduces stress for the client and their family members. We believe that everyone should be involved in the process so that all family members are on the same page and conflict can be avoided.

Why should I hire Applegate & Dillman Elder Law for Life Care Planning?

As one of the only Life Care Planning law firms in the state, Applegate & Dillman Elder Law is uniquely positioned to holistically serve the needs of aging clients. We recognize that your medical needs drive your legal, financial and long-term care decisions. Other law firms do not have registered nurses on staff and rarely account for the medical needs of their clients until there is a crisis. By focusing first on the health needs of our clients, we are able to help them plan and prepare for the legal, financial, and care-related challenges to come.

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